Strategic Planning

strategic planningStrategic Planning is a critical component of good management and governance for any business. Strategic Planning is about making choices, and it’s as much about what not to do as it is about what to do. Sound Strategic Planning enables businesses to make intelligent choices on where to apply finite resources to achieve a desired end.

In essence, a well-crafted Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap…guiding you to where you want to go. Strategic Planning begins with accurate and documented organizational Mission, Vision, Values and Positioning Statements that form the foundation for strategy development. These foundational statements help an organization make the difficult choices regarding what it will do, and not do, to achieve its goals. Of course, any strategy must be tightly aligned with defined and documented business goals, and action steps to achieve these goals, if the strategy is ever to be realized.

As a business grows and as its environment becomes more complex, the need for strategic planning becomes greater. Companies consistently applying a disciplined approach to strategic planning are better prepared to evolve as the market changes and as different market segments require different needs for the products or services of the company.

The benefit of the discipline that develops from the process of strategic planning, leads to improved communication. It facilitates effective decision-making, better selection of tactical options and leads to a higher probability of achieving the owners’ or stakeholders’ goals and objectives.

Developing a sound Strategic Plan may appear rather easy to accomplish. It’s not. If it were ‘rather easy’ then every firm would have one. But Taunton Hill Consultants, with its over 30 years of proven strategic planning experience and expertise, intelligently guides organizations through the strategic planning process from pre-planning, to final documentation, to execution, to measurement.

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