Effective Planning and Messaging

effective messagingThe adage that ‘Prior planning prevents poor performance’ has been proven time and time again. Still, many organizations fail to heed this wise advice and adequately plan the desired future for their organizations.

Hallmarks of a vibrant, enduring, and successful organization are:

  • Business plans that holistically focus an organization’s efforts toward a defined future or desired outcome.
  • Marketing plans that analyze the competitive environment and document your product, pricing, distribution, and promotion objectives and strategies.
  • Communications plans to internal and external audiences that precisely position and frame your messaging, and clearly communicate your value proposition.

A decision to forego development of Business Plans, Marketing Plans, and Communications Plans is formula for failure. While the adage…’Prior planning prevents poor performance’…is certainly true, it could well be modified to read…’Prior planning and effective messaging appropriately targeted to internal and external audiences prevents poor performance’.

Taunton Hill Consultants, with its over 30 years of proven business, marketing, and communications and messaging experience and expertise, intelligently guides organizations through the planning process from pre-planning, to final documentation, to execution, to measurement.

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