Achieve a Competitive Advantage

Sustainable competitive advantage is achievable for organizations that commit to a disciplined integration of their business model, strategy and tactics. Taunton Hill Consultants employs a tightly defined approach to developing and deploying each of its unique and essential service offerings to help ensure client success in their respective competitive environments.

Working closely with client senior management and/or its designated representatives, Taunton Hill Consultants helps its client organizations develop clear, concise, comprehensive and realistic proprietary strategic plans and tactical initiatives. These plans and initiatives, when executed, enable the respective client to effectively and efficiently maximize their resources while successfully attaining their business goals.

Our process consists of direct, substantive questioning and probing, and always-documented dialog with client business owners or their designated representatives. Taunton Hill Consultants then normally follows a six-phase approach specifically designed to achieve competitive advantage and improved business performance.

Taunton Hill Consultants Competitive Advantage