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Taunton Hill Consultants, founded in 1992, is a management and business consulting firm for both for-profit and non-profit organizations specializing in strategic business planning, operations management, integrated marketing communications, leadership, project management, and business coaching. We believe that sustainable competitive advantage is achievable for organizations that commit to a disciplined integration of their business model, strategy and tactics. Taunton Hill Consultants employs a tightly defined approach to developing and deploying each of its unique and essential service offerings to help ensure client success in their respective competitive environments. Working closely with client senior management and/or its designated representatives, Taunton Hill Consultants helps its client organizations develop clear, concise, comprehensive and realistic proprietary strategic plans and tactical elements. These plans or elements, when executed, enable the respective client to effectively and efficiently maximize their resources while successfully attaining their business goals.
To help you plan, execute, and prosper
  • We believe achieving sustainable and measurable results for our clients is the most important measure of our success.
  • We believe in establishing a true partner-relationship with our clients, so that our interaction is lasting and transformative…not transient and transactional.
  • We believe in providing our clients our very best effort…every day…every time…no exceptions.
To help our client partners attain higher levels of success through intelligent and fact-based planning and execution.
Taunton Hill Consultants helps companies define and manage the change process. We listen without filters, provide honest feedback, and develop substantive plans to address our client partner needs.
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Mike Greene, principal and founder of Taunton Hill Consultants

Michael Greene


Michael Greene, principal and founder of Taunton Hill Consultants, has transformed organizations by redefining their business model to achieve revenue objectives, reduce costs, and identify new business opportunities. He has over 30 years expertise in strategic planning, branding, and developing and executing marketing communications programs on behalf of a wide range of clients and companies. Industry sector experience includes finance and banking, insurance, healthcare, receivable services, packaged goods and others.

Michael has held senior executive positions in management, marketing, and communications with multi-national business organizations and advertising agencies, as well as positions in consulting and university level education.

He holds a B.A. degree from Villanova University and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton Graduate School of Business.